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It all began in 1970 with one Italian Chicago man named Donald, his wife Vicki, and a dream.

Donald and Vicki Marino had a vision, to make the best tasting pizza and amazing Italian food with the freshest ingredients. They wanted to bring their passion to the table, and hoped their passion for Italian cuisine showed through every bite. They took their vision and founded Pizzafarro's Inc in 1970. Their first location was on 44th St and Camelback.

Pizzafarro's blossomed beautifully thanks to not only Don and Vicki, but also the amazing family they created together. Every single one of their children helped shape the restaurant to where it is today.  Now their grandchildren have helped gear it towards the future. Pizzafarro's amazing food is due to Don, Vicki and generations working hard to make sure to provide fresh, great tasting food for everyone. 

Through this hard work, Pizzafarro's is still here to provide amazing food that will take you back to yesteryear today. The countless hours they have spent in the kitchen really shows through when you take your first bite into that slice of pizza, sub, or pasta.  Vicki has also provided something for your sweet tooth, providing all desserts baked in house as well.

Now, Pizzafarro's is known as the best place for old school and great tasting artisan pizza. We also offer pasta, dinners, and subs that will make you want to come back for more. Pizzafarro's offers amazing food in a family friendly atmosphere.


Bring the whole family! 

Some quotes from our customers: 

“This place is a time capsule. Rich history with original interior design and incredible simply fresh pizzas”  ~Jackson

“The best pizza I have ever had. The crust is great from center to end. Never had that even at finest restaurants” ~Nancy

“Authentic Italian pies are made here. Locally owned and a great neighborhood spot” ~Edgar

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All menu items:

From Donald & Vicki Marino

- With Love

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